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Deck of illustrated yoga sequencing cards

Make your own Yoga Sequence

Yoga Train is a deck of 60 cards illustrating yoga poses and their literal meaning. They include 33 asanas (yoga postures) color-coded by asana families: standing, hip-opening, backbend, seated and supine.

The Yoga Train is designed to guide you while you prepare a yoga sequence to practice at home or to teach a class. The simple illustrations guide you visually and the colors help create a coherent sequence.

The cards are printed on robust paper protected by silk lamination. Each deck is hand-finished and assembled in Dublin.

The Yoga Train will add a new twist to your practice and keep it fresh and exciting!

Practice Yoga anytime, anywhere

Yoga is an individual journey. It is your practice. And you will learn most when you are on your own, digesting the instructions of your teacher, listening to your body, moving in your own pace, with the rhythm of your breath.

Sequencing Samples

How it all began

The Yoga Train idea originated when the designer and yoga teacher Sara Makdessi was training to become a yoga teacher and began creating sequences. She drew the asanas (yoga poses) on pieces of paper, shuffled them and let the visuals guide her. When she showed her classmates they were intrigued and immediately saw the potential of such cards.

Sara began drawing more asanas, and writing their names in Sanskrit and English to remember the Sanskrit names. And slowly the Yoga Train was developed.

In a few minutes, you can create your own sequence! The explanation sheet in the box will help you set the focus of the practice with endless options.

In October 2017, Yoga Train was successfully crowd funded on Kickstarter. The project reached 257% of the original goal.

You can order a Yoga Train deck today from our Etsy shop HERE

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